graphic design studio
Alice Gavin & Valentin Bigel
22 rue Muller F – 75018 Paris
22, rue Muller F – 75018 Paris
Alice Gavin & Valentin Bigel
Groupe CcC is a graphic design studio.
Groupe CcC is co-founded by Valentin Bigel and Alice Gavin (2010).
Groupe CcC is a group of friends as well as a group of work.
Groupe CcC seeks new groups of collaborations.
Groupe CcC operates on internet.
Groupe CcC conceives and designs visual identities, websites, fonts, digital tools, books, images at large.
Groupe CcC cares about prospective matters.
Groupe CcC loves working with artists.
Groupe CcC shows interests in art, fashion and forms of innovation.

The studio is based in Paris 75018.

Groupe CCC was previously Clap Clap Club Permanent collaborator is Pierre Garnier, back-end developer.

Alice Gavin & Valentin Bigel are also running 22RUEMULLER, with Louise Duneton, a non profit project space located Paris 75018. Please check if you show to interest in artist-run-spaces.
People that previously assisted us are:
Julie Laalaj (current), Léo Gauttier, Aurore Kinzonzi, Aurélia de Azambuja, Nicolas Garner, David Robayo, Camille Tellier, Marion Arnhem, Maya Bossus, Anna Schmit, Laura Truxa, Ben West, Victorien Soufflet, Raoul Bonnafé.

For internship applications, please write to: