graphic design studio
Alice Gavin & Valentin Bigel
22 rue Muller F – 75018 Paris
22, rue Muller F – 75018 Paris
Alice Gavin & Valentin Bigel
Groupe CcC est un studio de recherche et de design graphique fondé par Valentin Bigel et Alice Gavin en 2010. Groupe CcC travaille en groupe —en déplaçant les outils techniques et théoriques pour produire des formes. Groupe CcC travaille sur internet.

Groupe CcC is a graphic design and research studio founded by Alice Gavin & Valentin Bigel in 2010. groupe CCC seeks new groups of collaborations and their graphic and technical resultant forms. We work on both self-directed and commissioned projects, locally and internationally, being mainly focused on art and cultural environment.
In 2015, we started Designeur, a self-directed research, questioning graphic design and its environnement of tools — project selected and supported by Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques FNAGP.


groupe CCC was previously Clap Clap Club Permanent collaborator is Pierre Garnier, back-end developer.
Working with us from the studio at the moment: Aurore Kinzonzi.
Alice Gavin & Valentin Bigel are also running 22RUEMULLER, with Louise Duneton, a non profit artist-run-space located in Montmartre/ Goutte D'or, F 75018 — Paris.
People that previously work at the studio are:
Aurélia de Azambuja, Nicolas Garner, David Robayo, Camille Tellier, Marion Arnhem, Maya Bossus, Anna Schmit, Laura Truxa, Ben West, Victorien Soufflet & Raoul Bonnafé.

For internship applications, please write to:

X Project title is a commissioned by for date
filafvisual idfilaffilaf, 7e édition2017.04
festival internation du livre d'art et du film, Perpignan
19 → 25 Juin 2017
Thanks Sébastien Planas
Meta Propaganda 3posterMauro BonilloNRMAL2017.02
NRMAL is music festival in Mexico.

We were invited to contribute to an exhibition of posters with 30 other graphic designers for NRMAL 2017.

It’s a flag gathering a community of an instant —of people— with the same interest— here, it's music.
It’s then about format, standardisation and supremacy; the twist of "mp3" becoming "Meta Propaganda (3)".
It’s potentially about the possibility of consciousness toward our political and social context (via internet).
11 - 12 March 2017
dansepostinternet.comwww(LA)HORDEGaité Lyrique2017.01
infos soon

crédits photo: Vinciane Lebrun-Verguethen — Voyez-vous
DRY #1revuestudiogroupe CCC2016.12
DRY est une philosophie en programmation informatique qui consiste à éviter la redondance de code au travers de l’ensemble d’une application afin de faciliter la maintenance, le test, le débugage et les évolutions de cette dernière.

DRY rassemble des références éditoriales et des notes du studio.

Le volume 1 indexe une collection d’ouvrages dont la mise en page inclut une relative navigation dans le temps.

(more soon…)
160x240mm, 48 pages, dos carré-collé, isbn 978-2-9558766-1-9, douze euros

DRY#1 est une réponse à la carte blanche donnée par le commissaire Théo-Mario Coppola
Présenté du Jeudi 8 → Dimanche 11 Dec 2016, 5bis rue de Beauce - Paris 3e.

Commander ici:
salo-club.comwwwmanifestosalò2016.10 is a website we designed for the opening of the club in Paris.
Every week the club invites an new artist for a 3 days takeover.
web art direction: groupe ccc — Valentin Bigel & Alice Gavin
web development: Timothée Rolin & Gabriel Paquin
commissioned by Manifesto
web content includes photos by Tom de Peyret
Thanks Marine Brutti
gasparclaus.comwwwgaspar clausgaspar claus2016.09
Gaspar Claus is a violoncellist.
L’incroyable O-ismeworkshopESAA - DuperréDSAA mode2016.01
After we were invited to lead a workshop at ESAA Duperré, we decided to invite the students to participate to a project we got commissioned in the meantime by L’Incroyable Magazine.
We were given a wild card to produce a series of images for the next issue on american artist Jim Shaw and one of his project : Oism, a cult he created — wildly criticizing american culture. We asked some of the students of DSAA Mode to be the first members.

Over 5 days, they produced the iconography of that cult Oism as if we were creating its Google image. Their production was ranging from corporate logos and signs, to TV shows, objects of cult, the writing of its mythology, a hotline, #, etc… as if they were the first members.

Our contribution is available in the magazine, you can support the truth by ordering some Oists productions they did.
Image contribution in L'incroyable Jim Shaw, Issue 2.
— 3 pages
— Editor-in-Chief: Clotilde Viannay
— Original design: Thomas Bizzarri et My-Lan Hoang-Thuy

— DSAA Fashion - Images media & editorial
— Participants were : Béranger Pelc, Morgane Nicolas, Antoine Grulier, Mariana Masse, Antoine Nicol, Capucine Raoul, Clémence Vignalou, Pauline Comte, Léa Hybre, Ishani Bakaya, Rémi Moreau, Aline Le Pennec
— Thanks to : Clotilde Viannay, Mathieu Buard, Louise Duneton, Kevin Senant, Zelda Passini and Aurélia de Azambuja.
zeldapassini.comwwwZelda Passini JewellerySS172016.10


set design CAMILLE POGU


L’Incroyable Jim ShawwwwL’Incroyable MagazineClotilde Viannay2016.10
We had fun designing the website of the second issue of L’Incroyable Magazine (amongst our image contribution to the magazine) L’Incroyable Jim Shaw.

L’Incroyable magazine is a project by Clotilde Viannay.
Editor-in-chief: Clotilde Viannay
Original design: My-Lan Hoang-Thuy and Thomas Bizzarri :
Font illustrations: My-Lan Hoang-Thuy, Cards game: Pierre Vanni, photo : Mathilde Agius.
{WIP} propose de s’intéresser à l’actualité et d’en extraire slogans, revendications, manifestes. Les extraits choisis seront transcrits par la création de caractères typographiques—dessinés en groupe ou individuellement.
avec la participation de Justine Curnier, Sonia Chouahda, Lucile Gonzales, Philippine Letren & Gwennina Moigne.
Amitiés sincèresworkshopESAA - DuperréDSAA mode2017.03
Ce workshop ne pourrait avoir aucun retour sur investissement.
Il commencera avec une discussion, qui pourrait devenir un débat sans fin: de vérité(s) provisioire(s) en manifeste(s).
L’action dépendra de votre réaction.
Participants: Eulalie Thébault, Thibault Sarny, Kévin Rosa, Anaïs Mesmacques, Sullivan Martin, Dylan Guzowski, Clementine Dean, Andrew Dussert, Jonathan Haddad, Pierre-Louise Lovera et Thomas Bricout.

Pour leurs interventions,

merci à Simon Asensio et Adriano Wilfert Jensen de Galerie

et à Raphaël Bastide
groupeccc.comlaunchstudiogroupe ccc2016.07
We launched our new website at 22RUEMULLER — Thanks for coming.
Against TranslationbookJean Boîte ÉditionsKenneth Goldsmith2016.06
Against Translation is a book of eight books by poet and writer Kenneth Goldsmith. It’s an essay against translation translated into eight languages, each book being a different version of the original English text.
Multilangual — Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish
288 pages over 8 books, 140 x 100 mm, hardcover, perfect binding, hardcover box.
Edited by Jean Boîte Éditions.

1st Launch at FILAF, F - Perpignan, in June 16
2nd Launch at New York Art Book Fair 16, USA - Nyc, in September 2016
3rd Launch at Yvon Lambert, F - Paris, in October 2016
Déjà la fin?visual idcie La RumeurUsine Hollander2016.05
We designed visuals and various document to communicate on a theater play.
Poster that turns into a program 594 x 851 mm
Invitation cards 84 x 55 mm
Flyer, 100 x 150 mm
homologues.xyzwww22ruemullerhomologues.xyz2016.07 is a non-commercial project with the aim to map non-profit art spaces or similar independant initiatives in cities worldwide. is a self-administrated website.

All spaces represented there result from invitations sent from other spaces — previously invited as well.
Tout Graphisme!workshopCentre Georges PompidouStudio 13/162014.09
Studio 13/16, a space for teenagers at Centre Pompidou, dedicated a month of workshops on graphic design: Tout graphisme !.
Amongst being part of one of them on making posters: Le Hasard fait bien les choses , we were also approached to materialized a full month of other workshops and to deal with the archive of all productions made.

We developed a website that would turned images produced by the teenagers during the various workshops into digital posters.
They were randomly generated using various image libraries: graphic elements from others designers organizing workshops, fonts, various infos, and mostly the productions from the teenagers.

It was then screened in an installation we produced in the window of the studio — it also combined instructions and explanations over big posters we designed as well.

To enlarge the spectre of possibilities, we gathered posters from others designers and we organized a wild exhibition within the space.
— website:

— Full collaboration with:
Louise Duneton

— Posters exhibition included: Adulte Adulte, Alexis Jacob, Amélie Carpentier, Akatre, Thomas Bizzari & Alain Rodriguez, Caroline Gamon, Darius Ou Dahao, Formes Vives, Florent Dégé, Frédéric Teschner, Golgotha, groupe CCC x La Ville rayée, Jérémy Piningre, Large, Louise Duneton, M/M paris, Office ABC, Open Source Publishing, Pauline Barzilaï, Raphaël Garnier, Simon Whybray, S-y-n-d-i-c-a-t, Tanguy Wermelinger, Théophile Calot, Théo Mercier, Spassky-Fischer, Pierre Vanni, Vier5, VLF.

— infos:
hotelradioparis.comwwwHotel Radio ParisHotel Radio Paris2016.03
hotel radio Paris is web radio based in Paris.
We used the website as a ‘big clock’ turning pinker and pinker more time passes by — amongst listening to the radio, having access to the archives of the past shows or overviewing the future ones and researching by artists.
PaysagesworkshopFondation 93Fondation 932016.03
The theme was Digital Landscape - graphic designers and machines. They worked on generating images with words only - code - to create a website.
— A-16-hours-workshop with primary schoolkids from 6e
— Collège Georges Brassens, F - Sevran
G.bodyworkwwwÈve ChabanonBalmoral2016.05
We designed a website that is actually a tool. It organizes various content of archives like texts, notes and different level of images.

The whole point is you can print it and turn it into a DIY book. The layout adapts weither it’s a web use or when it turns into a Pdf for print.

It was commissioned by Artist Ève Chabanon for a workshop she did with students from At. Carrosserie (bodywork) in Aubervilliers. The students added a request and asked us to design the logo of their workshop.
O.N.Svisual idGaspar ClausOne Night Stand #12016.02
Gaspar Claus invited us to give a visual identity to one of his project: the recording of One Night Stand #1 — Brooklyn, a gig over one night with many of his musicians friends and collaborators.

(more soon)
groupe OOOfontÈve
Search is part of Douglas Coupland’s research while in residency at Google Cultural Institute in Paris.
Coupland gave Google employees a thousand words and ­phrases, and they returned with the 100 most common search queries for each during the month of February.
We designed a script to be able to deal with so much data — among the art direction and design of the book.
English, 1028 pages, 360 x 230 mm, hardcover, perfect binding.
Edited by David Desrimais for Google Cultural Institute.
Presented at Google Cultural Institute, FR-Paris, May 15.

— Watch Coupland’s talk - The Story of Search
CobrafontÈve Chabanonevechabanon.com2015.09
AswamDamimageJohan AchermannAswamDam2015.01
We were commissioned a series of images to define the visual vocabulary of an upcoming footwear brand.
— Digital images (5)
zeldapassini.comwwwZelda Passini JewelleryFW162016.03
Hotel Radio ParislogoHotel Radio ParisHotel Radio Paris2016.03
Design of hotel® and®
— pink, black, white
G.bodyworkworkshopÈve ChabanonBalmoral2016.05
We met the students in carrosserie (bodywork) and we discussed graphic design, making images and designing fonts.
It was also the occasion to show them how the website we designed for their workshop.
— A one-morning-talk at Lycée Jean Pierre Timbaud, Aubervilliers
collectiflahorde.comwww(La) Horde(La) Horde2015.11
(La)Horde is a collective of artists and choregraphers.

We were asked to define their visual identity through their website. We played with the idea that news, casting ads, press and socials should not be something separated from their production as it’s part of their activity.
zeldapassini.comwwwZelda Passini JewellerySS162015.11
#artselfiebookJean Boîte ÉditionsDis2014.10
#artselfie emerged in 2012, right as the recent photographic phenomenon known as the selfie reached its tipping point. It was subsequently activated by New York based collective DIS, as an aggregated mode of art-tourism and documentation.
The book includes an introduction by Douglas Coupland author of Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture and ruthless observer of contemporary society and a discussion between Simon Castets director of the Swiss Institute in New York and co-founder of the 89+ project and DIS.
The layout was built with a continuous flow of pictures all along the essays and the conversation of the authors.
Bilingual English/ French, 128 pages, 167 mm x 240 mm, hardcover.
Edited by Jean Boîte Éditions for Coll. FOLLOW ME, Collecting Images Today.
Launched at Swiss Institude, USA-NYC, in Mar 15.
Launched at Galerie Yvon Lambert, FR-Paris, in Oct 14.
Conversations PiecesbookPalais de TokyoKarin Schlageter2014.06
Conversation Pieces is a series of little books created by curator Karin Schlageter while in residency at Pavillon Neuflize OBC.
It’s a series of conversations she leads with an invited guest per book.
The reading is organized with a page per speaker — playing with a reading going through spreads where blanks mean silence when it’s time to listen.
French — 48 pages over 3 editions, 280 x 120 mm, staple binding.
Edited by Pavillon Neuflize OBC residency, Palais de Tokyo.
Exhibited in 100 ans Plus Tard at Palais de Tokyo, FR-Paris, June 2014.
© Aurélien Mole, 2014 — for some of the visuals of the exhibition.
ABdlRvideocie La RumeurUsine Hollander2012.12
We directed a video for theater/dance play Au Bord de la Route screened on stage with comedians.

2012-2013 : Usine Hollander, F — Choisy-le-Roi
2014 : Festival d’Avignon Off, F — Avignon
Intravenous Therapy EPart directionKrysle lipKrysle lip2016.05
We got commissioned to create and design the art direction of Krysle Lip EP Intravenous Therapy and we developped the visual world of the EP.
— Logo Krysle Lip
— Font
— Ep cover : Intravenous Therapy
— Single cover : Electric Mirror
— Single cover : Witches
— Website :
— Video :
groupe CCCfontstudiogroupe CCC2013.06
2013 — 1st edition : self-commissioned
2015 — 2nd edition : extended Czech version
Géométrie VariableposterSuper Window Project GalleryLa Ville Rayée2013.05
Series of 55 unique posters with infos twisted all along their own cuts to announce an exhibition in Reims.
— collaboration with group of architecture La Ville Rayée:
— 55 unique posters with various cut-outs, 1760 X 900 mm, Cmyk, digital prints.
— commissionned by Super Window Project Gallery for exhibition Géométrie Variable at Domaine Les-Crayères, Reims - 2013
Collectif Sin ~poster22ruemullerEncorencore2012.09
The poster had been designed to announce the opening of a series of events by the collective of curators EncorEncore. It was a 2-days-experimental-gig by members of Collectif Sin ~ Flavien Berger, Gaspar Claus, Quentin Kool, Robin Lachenal + their guests Eat Gas and Colin Johnco — playing interpretations of raga.
— Digital image
+ 500 x 707 mm, screen prints, 2 colors, 50 copies.
K x ACart directionAndrea CrewsKrypt World2013.12
Art direction for capsule collection for Krypt World and Andrea Crews.
— Logo, font, flag design (9 x 2 m), lookbook, posters,

— Photographer : Babette Pauthier
Playlist March 13imageDazed&Confused MagazineDazed Digital2013.03
We were commissioned an image to go along one of Dazed Playlists.
— Digital image (1), font
Tower Ep I - IIvisual idEarnest EndeavoursYoung Gutted2014.04
We designed a series of Ep covers for London based record Label Earnest Endeavours.

The identity results from a system using a font hijacked by inserting characters from the logo we designed for Yung Gutted.
RumeurfontCie La RumeurABdlR2012.12

2012 — 1st edition
2014 — 2nd edition
FutureworkshopFréquence SchoolENSAAMA2016.05
Students from different high schools were asked to design posters to introduce their themes of research on the eco-city of the future over a final presentation to other students and professors.

We designed a tool they used to generate posters by associating 2 images they would pick from a library of images we previously produced and they could edit some text options.

The point was to consider the third meaning generated by associating images that had no link at first.
— A one-day-workshop, 20 students, 8 posters at ENSAAMA, Olivier de Serres
— Thanks to Laura Truxa and Aurélia de Azambuja for extra help
En promotionworkshopFondation 93Fondation 932013.04
The theme was En promotion, questioning how images from advertising are built. They worked on hijacking those codes and they created their own campaigns.
— A-16-hours-workshop with primary schoolkids from 4e
— Collège Pablo Neruda, F - Pierrefitte-sur-Seine
Les Mots et les ChosesworkshopFondation 93Fondation 932014.05
The theme was Dictionary with no words. They worked on creating a vocabulary of forms to express words related to feelings.
— A-16-hours-workshop with primary schoolkids from 5e Segpa
— Collège Robespierre, F - Épinay-sur-Seine
evechabanon.comwwwÈve ChabanonÈve Chabanon2015.10
Websites speak louder than words sometimes, you should try it on and get your own-made-Pdf on Ève’s work and researches.
TheorybookJean Boîte ÉditionsKenneth Goldsmith2015.04
Kenneth Goldsmith’s Theory offers a reading of the contemporary world: 500 texts – from poems and musings to short stories – printed on 500 pages assembled in the form of a ream of paper.
Curated by the author-poet, the collection maps out the various issues and trends in contemporary literature in a world currently being shaken up by everything online and digital, and calls for the reinvention of creative forms.
English and French version, 500 pages, 210 x 297 mm, assembled in a ream of paper, inner poster.
Edited by Jean Boîte Éditions.
Launched at Galerie Yvon Lambert, FR-Paris, in Apr 15.
© Rebecca Fanuele, 2016 — for some of the visuals of the limited edition.
QSBlogoQuaker Street BowlVery Heavy Products2012.16
OPSHfontTerence TehOn Plate Still Hungry2013.07
We designed a font as the main element of the visual identity of a website.
Each character has been designed with two different wides. The variation goes when using either lowercases or uppercases.

We were also commissionned some animated extras.
Hyper GeographybookJean Boîte ÉditionsJoe Hamilton2013.09
Designed for screens and most popular on the Internet, Hyper Geography is an arrangement of images that immerses us in a digital and mental landscape, designed to be repeated ad infinitum.
The book has been designed with a side being a monumental landscape. Pages are not to be turned anymore but unfold over four meters long, like the map of an unexplored world. The other side of it is an essay displayed in 2 languages and readable as a casual book.
Bilingual English/ French, 48 pages, 240 mm x 4000 mm, Leporello, 24 folds, 48 spreads, hardcover, perfect binding.
Edited by Jean Boîte Éditions for Coll. FOLLOW ME, Collecting Images Today.
Launched at Galerie Yvon Lambert, FR-Paris, in Oct 14.
Launched at Institute of Modern Art, AU-Brisbane, in Nov 14.

Air De ParisfontGalerie Air de ParisGalerie Air de Paris2016.04
Air De Paris commissioned a poster in 2010 and we played around with a rainbow design of letters. Since then, they asked us to adapt it either for a poster or a lettering for an exhibition at the gallery.
2010 — 1st edition : Independant New York
2013 — 2nd edition : Exhibition Arthur Rainbow at Galerie Air De Paris
2016 — 3rd edition : Independant New York
PYSposterMercredi ProductionPYS2012.07
We got given a wild card to produce posters to be shown over a record label fair.
— 7 posters, digital prints, Cmyk
Underground Resistance ft Yolanda, Your Time Is Up
DHS, House of god
The hacker, Shockwave (Gesaffelstein rex)
Echospace, Empyrean
Savas Pascalidis, Superman
LFO, Freaks
Mister finger, Can you feel it
— Presented at Point Éphémère, F - Paris
TalebotappSalon bureau chambreTalebot2016.09
Talebot is a tool that works as a search engine connecting people on specific topics.

We got involved a couple of years ago after Salon bureau chambre (David Apheceix) invited us to join the project team with Pierre Garnier to work together on the design of Talebot, especially on the graphic development. Since then, we have participated in questioning the whole idea of what it means to create an other connecting tool and to hijack the habits of social uses.